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3 Ways To Use Digital Technology To Enrich Your Life

These days, digital technology is completely ubiquitous. Virtually regardless of who you are and where you are, you likely spend a good amount of your time on the Internet, and utilizing various digital devices, on a daily basis.

Depending on who you ask, the “digital age” is something of a mixed blessing – and many commentators have suggested that social media and other features of the web at large may be responsible for such issues as wide-scale deterioration of the social fabric.

Nonetheless, there are also various very positive and remarkable ways in which digital technology can be used to enrich your life.

Here are a few examples of how you can use digital technology to enrich your life.


To enhance your personal and professional security

The digital age has, in general, opened up a variety of negative avenues for exploitation of various sorts – including security weaknesses and exploits in software programs and platforms.

By the same token, though, you can use an assortment of digital tools to actually enhance your overall security, whether that means optimizing for better document level security in a professional context, or simply encrypting and securing your own computer hard drive effectively.

In addition to these things, you can also use technology to increase your personal and professional security in a more “real-world” sense. For example, you can now have a “smart doorbell” installed quickly and easily, which will allow you to see who has stopped by your house while you were away, via a camera feed that reports directly to your smartphone.


To get your habits under control, and to stay on top of your obligations

Many people yearn to be as productive as possible, and to explore the full range of their potential across the different dimensions of their personal and professional lives. But, of course, actually realizing your full potential requires a lot of focus and mastery of your habits and everyday routines.

Various digital apps and services exist in order to help you track and optimize your habits, sometimes in a fun and gamified way – such as with Habitica.

Then, there are also various other apps and services that help to keep you accountable with regards to your obligatory tasks and passion projects. StickK is a great example of an accountability service that puts your money on the line.


To help promote healthy self-development in a variety of ways

Some of the most popular apps and services out there are those concerned with health and fitness, and general self-development in a variety of different areas.

The highly popular Fitbit range of wearable fitness trackers, for example, have been taking the world by storm for a number of years now, and many people credit them with major improvements to overall health, fitness, and well-being.

Similarly, there are now web-based services and apps available such as Cronometer, which allow you to not only track your daily food and calorie consumption, but which also give you an insight into the proportions you’re getting of the essential vitamins and minerals.

As a general rule, it’s a great idea to use digital tools and services to help promote healthy self-development in a variety of ways.

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