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These Are Five Ways Live Music Is Better Than Hiring A DJ

When you are planning for the entertainment aspect of your event, it is possible that you may be tempted to go for a DJ over a live band. Whether it is a birthday party, a work party, a wedding reception or any other kind of an event, you need to make sure that your visitors are entertained and that they can have some memory of the event over a long period of time. Well, whether you hire a DJ or a band for entertainment, people will still be happy. However, if you want a really memorable entertainment experience, you should choose a live band.

There are many companies such as MSMusic that you can contact for your live music needs. They will guide you appropriately and ensure that you have the right entertainment for your party.

Here are 5 ways that live music is better than hiring a DJ:

  1. Variety of Music

One of the advantages of a live band is that they have a variety of music for the various occasions that they are invited to. As such, a band has enough experience in playing salsa, rock, Tango, Jazz and many other genres of music. The good thing with a live band is that they can gauge the mood of the audience and play songs that go with the mood. This would not be the case with a DJ who will be mesmerized with the computer and the music board.

  1. You can have a band for a longer time

Another good thing with bands is that they are not normally double-booked since it takes longer for the band to set up their instruments. It would also take longer to take down the instruments and as such, this can work to your advantages. A live band can come to your event early and leave late. With the band, you can be assured that you will have them longer and this will make your party more entertaining to the guests.

  1. A live band keeps guest engaged

It is true that a band will interact with the guests better than a DJ would. Sometimes the band leader can even act as the master of ceremony. As such, you can be assured of fewer costs as the band will do all the work. Unlike a DJ who is normally a one-man show, a live band keeps your guests entertained and they interact with them until the show or the party is over. As such, you can even be assured that the band will be the singing servers.

  1. You can audition the band for live music

It is possible for you to ask a band to play some songs for you before you engage them for your party. This is not the case with a DJ. As such, you can sample the right music for your party and be sure that you will get quality and value for your money. If the band sends you an “audition tape” for you to review, then you will get a chance to order your preferred music for your event.

  1. The WOW effect

A live band gives your audience a chance to sample the dynamics of live music. It will sound like a concert and this is where the WOW effect comes in. The guests can see the emotions on the singers’ faces and they can “hear” the emotion caused by the serenades of the band.

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