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Will The Job Market Eventually Be Overcome By Technology

Lots of people are scared of the rising developments in technology in the world. A decade or so ago, the thought of AI machines was ludicrous. It was sci-fi stuff that belonged in films. Now, it’s normal to walk into a store and be served by a machine instead of a human. Technology has come in and replaced humans in so many different roles across lots of different sectors. It begs the question: will the job market eventually be overcome by technology? Are humans going to become jobless?

The short answer to both questions is no. Humans still hold a vital role in society, and there are many things we do that technology will never be adept at doing. Let’s explore some of these things in today’s post…

Humans are better at making judgments

The human brain is still the most powerful computer in existence. We’re capable of doing things that we don’t even associate as being amazing. One of these things is the ability to make analytical judgments in ambiguous situations. Computers are unable to do this. But, we struggle when it comes to data collection or storage. This is where criminal intelligence software comes in to provide us with extra tools alongside our superior judgment. As such, we’ll always be in a situation where humans work with computers in regards to analysis and investigations. Our brain is irreplaceable, that’s a fact!

Technology can’t fix itself

Humans will always be around as technology cannot fix itself. Think about it, a computer or any technological device can have a fault. This can be a physical fault or something internal. The device has no way of correcting this fault at all, which means it continues to either function incorrectly or not function at all. So humans are always needed to step in and right these wrongs. Plus, we create technology! It wouldn’t exist without a human presence in the first place. We build computers, create software coding, etc. Therefore, the job market can literally never be devoid of human activity. 

Humans are better at lateral thinking

Lateral thinking is the idea of thinking about things from a different perspective. This allows us to be amazing problem-solves. You can use lateral thinking in work all the time. In an office, you may use it to view an issue in a different light. All of a sudden, you come up with an idea that helps you improve sales figures. Technology can’t think like this. It’s too human of a response. Most things are programmed to only focus on specific tasks. Therefore, humans always have use as we present new ideas and different ways of thinking. 

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be afraid. Yes, some jobs are being taken over by technology. However, as technology in the job sector grows, so will the demand for humans to monitor and repair the technology. Likewise, there are some jobs that always require traits a human possesses. So, these jobs will be safe! There’s nothing to fear – technology is here to help us improve our work, not to steal it from us. 

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