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Managing Your Child’s Game Time On Mobile Phones

As technology advances, there are more mediums and gadgets available for entertainment. This means that children have more internet access and game access through the likes of smartphones, tablets, and different game consoles. The smartphone is a technology that has particularly advanced. There are millions of apps available and there are lots that contain free online games for kids. But, how do you manage these apps? How can you keep an eye on what your children are playing? Use the following tips in order to find out how.

Set a password

In order to access the apps with free online games for kids, such as driving games, as well as cartoons, and such like, you need to download them from an app store. Most of the app stores require you to sign up and create a user ID and password in order to download the different apps available. You should be in charge of the account. You should select a username and a password, and you should make sure that you do not tell your child what they are. Through doing this you make sure that every time your child wants to download a game they have to ask you to put in the details for the download to proceed. This means that you have control over every game they are playing on. We have all heard those horror stories about parents who have seen hundreds of dollars disappear from their bank accounts because their children have been downloading apps without permission. The best way to do this is by making sure they do not have the ability to download apps themselves in the first place.

Take an interest

Sometimes keeping in control of your child’s playing habits simply revolves around taking an interest in what they do rather than being the villain. You should not simply assume that your child is playing on inappropriate games because then this will be accusing them. If you do this then you create friction and you decrease the chances of your child being cooperative when it comes to being honest about what games their playing. Instead simply take an interest, say something like; “I’ve heard that *game A* is good, have you downloaded it?” This increases the chances of your child asking you before they download anything that may be on the borderline of acceptability. Moreover, it will enable you to strengthen your bond with your child by having somewhat of a shared interest. Maybe you could download one of the games they play and get involved yourself? This would be a nice way to spend some time with one and other.

Ask to borrow their phone

Asking to borrow their phone now and again is recommended, although it is a little bit sneaky. If you feel like your child has been playing on an app they shouldn’t be, then ask if you can use their phone to send a text because yours has run  out of battery. But, you need to make sure that your phone is actually out of battery. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you do not make it obvious. Therefore, do not ask to use the phone as soon as your suspicion arises. You need to plan it properly and wait for an effective moment. You can then have a quick look through the apps they have been making and make a mental note of them in order to research later. Moreover, don’t forget to actually send a text as well in order to make it look like you weren’t doing anything suspicious. Simply tell one of your friends what you are doing so they know what to expect when they receive a random text message.

If you use one of the three methods mentioned in this article then you will have given yourself the best chance of keeping a check over your child’s cartoon app game playing. Nevertheless, you will do so without being overpowering or strict and this is crucial. After all, you do not want your child to resent you for you overseeing their gaming activity. If they feel like you are interested while still being authoritative, this is the best approach.

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