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Is Valiant Comics Going To Be The New Marvel Universe?

Marvel Universe has given us some of the world’s most popular movies and never before in film history has there been such an ambitious series that links so many movies together. Even though it is still going, it already has such an incredible legacy. DC comics have been trying to kick start their own cinematic universe for a few years now but after a few poorly received movies, it doesn’t look like they are going to topple Marvel anytime soon. After a few attempts, DC does have a cinematic universe of sorts, but it’s nowhere near as popular as the Marvel offering.

But DC aren’t the only ones trying to take the top spot from Marvel because there is a new contender on the scene. Valiant comics is a franchise with a bit of a darker tone than Marvel and even DC, and it looks as though we may be expecting a cinematic universe featuring Valiant comics characters. 

A few years ago, DMG Entertainment, the company behind smash hits like Looper and Iron Man 3, acquired the rights to all of the Valiant comics characters. DMG Entertainment CEO Dan Mintz has discussed the acquisition and his intentions with the characters. Valiant comics is the only other interlinking comic book universe, aside from Marvel and DC, but it’s a lot more modern. Dan Mintz feels that now is the time to turn Valiant into a cinematic universe because the stories are a lot more relevant than some of the other comic books out there. 

You might not have seen it yet, but the first movie in the franchise has already been released. Bloodshot with Vin Diesel tells the story of a US Marine that is resurrected and turned into a supersoldier after he is murdered, only to turn on his creators. It was released in February of this year and, even though the critics reviews were a little lackluster, it kicked off the new Valiant universe and audiences enjoyed it. In the future, there is another Bloodshot movie planned before the universe is expanded. Following the Bloodshot sequel, there are two Harbinger movies planned, which will follow a team of teenagers with superpowers that form a crime fighting group. 

In the same way that Marvel handled their franchise, the Valiant universe will be split into stages (called phases in the Marvel universe). The first stage will consist of five movies; two Bloodshot movies, two Harbinger movies, and then a final installment called Harbinger Wars, which will bring all of the characters together. There are currently no deals signed for future movies and it will all depend on how popular the first stage is. 

Only time will tell whether the Valiant universe will take off like the Marvel universe did, but it has a good chance of performing well because it offers something a bit different. Valiant comics are much darker in tone and some people that like comic book movies but want something a bit more hard hitting and less family friendly than the Marvel movies may prefer Valiant.

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