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Well Hello HBO Max, Too Bad I Can’t Watch You Yet

Today, HBO Max launched in the USA, and comes with over 10,000 hours of content including all the Harry Potter movies, Friends, Big Bang Theory, DC films, and much more.  It’s something to really look at because this could be the streaming service to rival Netflix.  But sadly, unless you are lucky enough to have a device to stream this to your TV, you’re stuck watching HBO Max on your computer or phone.

You see, the folks from HBO Max do not have streaming apps to the two biggest streaming device providers, Roku and Amazon.  Many households likely streams on their TV using a Roku device or a Amazon Fire TV device.  This is how I watch shows through YouTube TV on my TV.  My Roku device also allows me to watch Netflix shows on my TV as well as Disney+ shows and movies.

But, because the folks from AT&T and Warner Bros. somehow does not have a deal to provide streaming apps through Roku and Amazon, many people will be missing out.  Not everyone wants to be stuck watching HBO Max on their computer or on their smartphone.  The TV is the best experience, with good picture, sound systems, and more.

I am really not too concerned about the price.  I mean for $15/month, you are getting both HBO Max and HBO, with certain providers like YouTube TV.  We all know the HBO channels have a ton of great content, but I hope soon we can enjoy HBO Max the way watching good quality shows and movies is attended, on a TV.

And the only way that happens is getting streaming apps made available now through Roku and Amazon.  If not, I have seen where quite a few will cancel, as some got that year-long discount before HBO Max launched.  It’s really not that hard.  When you launch something big here like HBO Max, make sure it’s available on EVERY streaming device out there, not just a select few.

Get it together HBO, it would be nice to subscribe to you!

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