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Food Review: Key Lime Pie, Funnel Cake, Tropical Island New Chek List Flavors

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So on this Food Reviews, I am reviewing the three new flavors in the New Chek List contest from Winn-Dixie.  These three flavors are only out for a limited time, and the flavor/person with the most votes will get a new Mini Cooper, and the flavor might become a permanent Chek soda flavor, so the stakes are high!  If you want to watch me review the three flavors, enjoy below!

stuff 3 004

The first flavor I tried was Key Lime Pie Soda.  The color was green, and after tasting, it was very heavy on the lime flavor.  In fact, I was only mostly tasting the lime.  I thought this soda was Sprite without the lemon.  It was okay for me!

stuff 3 007

The second soda was Funnel Cake Soda.  It did smell like a funnel cake and the color was like a cream soda coloring.  But after tasting, I was tasting a major butter or butterscotch flavor, and that was about it!  This was very heavy on the butter like flavor.

stuff 3 005

The third soda was Tropical Island Soda.  The color was pink, and it almost tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  The soda was heavy on the fruit flavors, and I enjoyed this soda.  The taste did not overpower my mouth like the other flavors did.

stuff 3 008

So, I picked the Tropical Island soda, I thought it was the best out of the three!  But hey, you decide!  You have until September 30th to vote on your favorite flavor.  To vote go to:

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  1. I like the funnel cake, for some reason, I thought of the Butter Beer they serve over at Universal Studios in the Harry Potter Section that costs an arm and a leg… this is good
    Key Lime was decent
    Tropical Punch is ok, too fruity