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Ponies, Dragons, And Clones, Three Shows I Am Excited To Watch This Spring


With The Walking Dead wrapping up season 5 in dramatic fashion, it is now time to dive into more shows the geeks and nerds love watching!  Us fans will not be bored this Spring!  Because there are three shows returning with new seasons this April!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 5


Is the animation qualities, the messages, or the good storylines?  This cartoon for kids has a lot of adult fans, and I do mean a lot!  Season five of the popular Hasbro series starts this Saturday, April 4th at 10 am Central!  The two-part premiere will feature several ponies being equal, including their cutie marks.

Judging by what I have read, season five is going to be a very good season of this show!  And if you have not seen this show yet, I invite you to check it out, and you might get hooked!  Season five begins this Saturday on Discovery Family.

Game Of Thrones Season 5


On Sunday, April 12, we can enjoy our medieval show once again!  Game Of Thrones returns to HBO, or the torrent sites, since this show is the most pirated show on TV.  The writers and producers have promised that season five will be epic!

Judging by the last four seasons, you can expect plenty of fighting, deaths, and nudity.  This is HBO of course!  Winter is coming, get ready for the battle on April 12th!

Orphan Black Season 3


The newest show to gain a lot of fans in the geek/nerd world is the BBC America show Orphan Black.  The show is about a lot of clones, and the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its effect on issues of personal identity.  Need to know more?  Here is Orphan Black in four minutes.

So, how many more clones will be killed off in season three?  And will we see something that defines the entire season?  Like that dancing in season two?  Season three of Orphan Black begins on Saturday, April 18th on BBC America at 8 pm Central.  And the premiere will simulcast on AMC, Sundance, IFC, and We TV.  Need to know more?  BBC America uploaded the entire first episode to YouTube, enjoy!

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