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Read A Interview With Cannabis Cook / Author Mary J. White

We recently interviewed Mary to ask about her experience so far in the cannabis marketplace. Mary is a cannabis cookbook author and a passionate blogger. Scroll down to check out the story behind her success, her advice for foodies, and more!

From a career in local radio/TV to Cannabis Cook! Can you share how this transition came along?

After 25 years in radio and local TV, my career took a wonderful turn. When my radio gig ended in 2011 I started working on my other passion, teaching folks how to cook.

At the same time, I was getting tired of all the medication I was taking for chronic pain and other human stuff. Of course, I had smoked pot in the past and even ran an illegal grow house for a time, but had no real idea about the medical benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis was medically legal here in Washington so I thought what the hell, I’ll try a cookie, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I got true relief from cannabis and since then have been able to get off all of my other medications as well as that not-so-sexy cane. Currently, I use a vape pen daily and a few edibles, and my pain and general creakiness have disappeared.

How did you end up making a blog? What is all about?

My website is all about getting people excited and educated about cooking, and cooking with cannabis in particular. The blog is how I keep people up to date and is also great for venting!

In my canna cookbook “EveryDayMaryJ, A Practical Guide to Cooking with Cannabis”, I really want folks to understand how easy and gratifying it is to infuse your food.

What advice would you give to beginners or those who are reluctant to consume marijuana?

I know some people are scared of getting high, mostly from years of propaganda, but I’ve found once they try the right strain and ingestion method cannabis is their friend.

If folks are trepidatious I make sure they know the science – cannabis can’t hurt you, it’s not Reefer Madness, and the pot is actually age-old wonderful medicine that our bodies are primed to receive.

After the success of EverydayMaryJ, I have published another book -“The CBD Cookbook” for HMH, which is for the beginners that are starting out with cannabis.

The primary thing about CBD is that you can’t get high because of the extremely low THC in hemp – it must be less than .03%. So for people who can’t have THC in their system, or who are scared of cannabis and want to start slow, CBD is a great way to go.

While cooking, which cannabis type do you consider as a better choice – Full-spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, or just flower right-away?

When I cook with cannabis I always use my own home-grown flower; I find that flower gives a much better flavor and effect than other plant material.

Do you include CBD in your food? If yes then how?

CBD is wonderful for seizure disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, and a host of other issues. I use it in almost everything by employing CBD infused salt, sugar, tinctures, etc.

How would you classify your style of cooking?

My food is always simple and good because I care deeply about what we put in our bodies. I keep my recipes doable and accessible – the last thing you want when trying something new is a long scary bunch of directions or esoteric ingredients. Think of me as the Rachel Ray of cannabis cooking!

How do you think has cannabis changed the edibles market since you started?

When I started cooking with cannabis in 2011 we could buy some crazy edibles in Washington – 75 mg. tootsie rolls and 150 mg. candy bars for example. Now with the recreational market, you can’t get that intense stuff anymore; the edibles in the dispensaries are carefully made to exact specs. They are higher quality for sure but at a premium price, and if you need a lot of medicine that doesn’t work.

This is one of the main reasons I wrote my book, ‘EveryDayMaryJ’, so folks can make their own medicine.

A piece of advice that you want to give to your recipe lovers?

I always urge people to follow a recipe once, then play with it; the flavor of cannabis can be tricky.

When you cook with cannabis just remember more flavor is better; think extra vanilla, more lemon, etc. I’m excited to see what a big publisher does with my CBD Cookbook – stay tuned for the publication! Meanwhile, try a new recipe, try a new strain, and just remember…..   cannabis cures!!

Thank you Mary for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!
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