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Could You Make 2020 Your Greenest Year Yet?

As we go towards a new year it’s customary to think about what we can do to better our lives in the coming year. But what about things we could do to better the planet? The effects of climate change and human pollution have been making headlines all year and lots of us are becoming more aware of the role we can play in reducing our impact on the environment. Small changes can add up – so what resolutions could you make that could really change lives in 2020?

Get Rid Of Single Use Plastic For Good

No one could fail to be moved by the plight of ocean animals dying as a result of single use plastic waste as shown on the BBC’s Blue Planet. It’s a huge threat to wildlife and our seas and there are so many alternatives available. Making a resolution to do away with single use plastic in your life is important. Purchase and use reusable shopping bags and a stainless steel water bottle that can be refilled. Use a metal straw and a reusable coffee cup and avoid purchasing items with excessive plastic packaging where possible – and sign any petitions that put pressure on large retailers to go for eco packaging. 


Look After Your Neighbors

Spreading a little kindness and caring for our fellow humans is hugely important. Take this motto to heart by finding opportunities locally to help out. Is there an elderly neighbor who would appreciate a hand ordering their shopping or some company once a week? You can also find local volunteering opportunities to support educational projects, homeless initiatives and other good works – it’s a great way to help out, gain some new skills and meet your neighbors. Joining a Peace Education Program, raising money for a cause you feel passionate about, or taking people’s recycling to the local depot are also brilliant ways to have an impact. 


Try A Vegan Day

Embracing a vegan lifestyle isn’t quite for everyone, but adopting a plant based diet for just one or two days a week can still have a big impact. Livestock farming emits a huge amount of carbon – as much as the entire transport sector globally. Find some easy meat-free recipes or swap out regular meat for a vegetarian substitute in your favorite family dishes and it’s not only the planet that benefits – your wallet and your waistline will also be better off. 


Take The Scenic Route 

CO2 emissions from flights are causing us to feel uncomfortable with unnecessary trips by plane – so why not look into alternative routes such as train travel? Sure, it will be less fast but it’s usually a lot more scenic, there is much more leg room and a place to charge your phone. It makes the journey much more a part of the experience – and helps you go away with a bit of a cleaner conscience. 

Being a better citizen of the world doesn’t have to be complicated – if everyone makes a few more sustainable choices then it all adds up to a big impact. By choosing to live a little more sustainably for 2020 and beyond, you can minimize your environmental impact and help care for the planet.

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