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Why 2020 Will Be A Horrible Year, From A Video Uploaded In 2019

Yes, this video from the YouTube channel The Infographics Show was uploaded in November 2019, and it talks about why 2020 will be a horrible year.  Well, we can say 2020 was […]

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Sunday Discussion: We Put A 2020 Time Capsule Inside DNA

From Verge Science, comes a story about 2020 and DNA.  As 2020 comes to a close, we look back on the big and small science stories of the year by building a […]

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The Evening Post: Match Made In Hell

What if Satan and a person named 2020 met for a date?  Match.com has a new ad out showing us that possibility.  Yep, just end this year already! Rate This Post

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The Evening Post: The 2020 Time Machine

If you invented a time machine that only took you back to any time period in 2020, where would you go?  Would you hog all the sanitizer wipes?  Would you get all […]

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Could You Make 2020 Your Greenest Year Yet?

As we go towards a new year it’s customary to think about what we can do to better our lives in the coming year. But what about things we could do to […]

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