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Why Is The Idiotic Flat Earth Movement Still Thriving

If there is one thing that should be squished into nothingness, it’s this weird and idiotic flat Earth movement.  CNN has a news story about how the flat Earth movement is still growing and spreading around the globe.  Recently, a flat Earth conference was held in Dallas, Texas, and over 600 people attended.

I mean come on, space is not fake, the moon is real and round, and the curvature of the Earth is a real thing.  You see the curvature of the Earth while you are travelling in an airplane.  And the curvature of the Earth is a very important factor in engineering projects, such as building new roads and long bridges.  Thank the lord we don’t have civil engineers that believe the Earth is flat.

The sad thing is, thanks to the internet, the flat Earth movement seems to be growing.  And a simple thing called facts is being ignored.  It seems like many who believe the Earth is flat are also right-wing Christians who probably support Trump and will follow him like Trump is a God.  Again, there is this thing called facts and real science, something you can’t just ignore.

It’s this conspiracy theory crap like the flat Earth movement, the anti-vaxxers, the 9/11 truthers, and others, that is making America a more dangerous and depressing place to live in.  Sometimes I wonder if the best thing to do is to just simply shut down the internet completely for everyone.  That way, all of this mis-information spreading around can be stopped in its tracks.

Seriously, if you somehow believe the Earth is flat, click the link here and explore some real facts about why the Earth is ROUND!  I feel like our human society is one step closer to extinction.  Not because we are trying to make the human race better.  It’s because more and more people around us are getting stupider and losing brain cells, and this stupidity is going to kill us all.

Please watch these videos below if you need convincing that the Earth is actually round.

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