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Music Thursdays: Beach Bunny – Prom Queen

This music video from the artist Beach Bunny was very cool!  The music video titled “Prom Queen” features a lot of time in a laundromat, and a person who is searching for their identity.  In fact, Beach Bunny wrote:

Since this video is blowing up I feel the need to address something. I wrote this song for every person out there that has felt insecure, unloved, or unhappy in their own skin – it is in no way meant to glamorize, encourage, or promote eating disorders, body hatred, or body shaming in any form. The lyrics are a criticism on modern beauty standards and the harmful effects beauty standards can have on people – I wrote this song from a female’s perspective as I myself have dealt with insecurities and done unhealthy things in my past to live up to the American beauty standard – but this song is meant for everyone. You are worthy of love, you are beautiful just the way you are, and beauty is a social construct – please don’t harm your health or well being to live up to these invented expectations, it is not worth risking your life over. You are already a Prom Queen, you are already enough. (also for people upset that this is blowing up on tic-tok I want as many people to hear this message as possible, this message is so important – especially for younger people growing up in the social media generation which has made this issue even more prominent)

Watch the video below!

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