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Video Roundup: Reactions Of The Alabama Abortion Bill

Welp, our clowns in Montgomery did it again.  They made most of America and most of the world frown upon Alabama once again.  Looking at the social media feeds, it’s mostly against the newest abortion bill passed by the legislators clowns and signed by Governor Kay Ivey.  Many on social media are slamming this bill, and many are also calling for a boycott of Alabama.  So on this post, i’m going to post the video reactions from this abortion bill.  And let’s say this, many of the reactions are not good for Alabama’s reputation.

Let’s start with the late night hosts.  Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers commented about this abortion bill on their late night shows.  And man, the reactions were harsh.

And this skit where men were controlling women was concerning and accurate at the same time.

One of the craziest things about this, is how Pat Robertson from The 700 Club said this bill goes too far.  Who thought this would happen?

What to know why the Alabama Legislators clowns passed this, watch this video below.

The hosts on The View had their thoughts.

The Joe Rogan Experience had their thoughts.

ABC News interviewed people on both sides of this debate.

And yes, this Alabama abortion bill reaction has gone international.  France 24 and DW had talks about this.

Now This News put out a video showing the faces of the Alabama Senators who voted for this bill.

And here is reactions from the Rick and Bubba show, which is based in Alabama.

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