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Music Thursday: Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

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Since the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus has been criticized for the way she has performed in the public.  But with this new music video called “Wrecking Ball”, I have to say the VMA’s was just an appetizer to what’s in this music video, if you like making out with a sledgehammer and a naked Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball, enjoy the video below!

So, I have seen the reactions from people online saying the music video is tasteless and offensive.  But Miley Cyrus has told many websites that the music video and song is lyrically pretty straightforward, as Cyrus sings about wanting to break down a lover’s walls but winding up wrecked herself in the process.  She even acknowledged that it was harder to record the music video than the song and it was much more of an emotional experience.

So, what do I think of the music video and song?  For starters, I think the song is great.  The song is something anyone could sing along in their heads.  The beats and the lyrics are perfect in this song, so I have no problem with the song and I am sure the song will be played on Top 40 radio for a long time to come.  The problem is with the music video.

The music video broke viewer records on Vevo and YouTube and the video has over 50 million views so far.  Miley Cyrus is wanting to take the attention off of the nudity and focus on the lyrics to the song instead.  She said, “The song is a pop ballad that everyone can relate to; everyone has felt that feeling at some point.”  Sure, most of us has felt down and depressed at times in our lives.  But we also don’t lick a sledgehammer and ride a wrecking ball in our birthday suits as well.

The problem with this person and all others like her is that, this is what our children aspire to be.  They look up to these people and think that’s what they should be doing as well. These people think its cool and socially acceptable to copy a behavior of Miley Cyrus or any other person who is doing the wrong things.  As you guess it, this is absolutely part of the problem with this world today.  Yeah, you can tell that Miley Cyrus is really comfortable with her body as she posed naked for around half of the music video.  But being sexy on the wrecking ball and with the sledgehammer is sending a very wrong message to kids who will watch that video.  As I have said before, where is Billy Ray Cyrus?


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