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Foodie Saturdays: The Dumb Shane Dawson Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Conspiracy Theory

A few days ago, a YouTuber named Shane Dawson made a video where he claimed that the pizza / party chain Chuck E. Cheese’s takes uneaten pizza slices and puts them together as a new pizza.  He even sent a tweet out to prove his claim.

A few points about this.  If Chuck E. Cheese’s was reusing old pizza slices, the old slices would be stale and rock hard with the cheese looking very weird and burnt after the multiple re-cookings.  In the first photo above, you can clearly see it was two different pizzas that was put together as one pizza.  The second photo had the pizza pieces moved around after being slided onto the tray.

What an idiot!  Chuck E. Cheese’s, along with many other pizza chains, start their dough as fresh dough that is not frozen.  There is a HUGE taste difference between fresh and frozen dough.  And Chuck E. Cheese’s uses fresh ingredients, because it’s not only kids eating their pizza, adults eat their pizza too!  And if the pizza tasted like crap, Chuck E. Cheese’s would have been out of business a long time ago!

Honestly, I think this is all about a YouTuber would just wants the high view counts and will come up with anything to get that high view count.  Shane Dawson, along with other people who have some stupid conspiracy theories, are only doing these mostly false stories to gain views and social media followers.  I wish that YouTube and other social media sites would delete these false stories and ban these nutty people.

If you want to learn how Chuck E. Cheese’s really makes their pizza.  Watch this video from BuzzFeed below.

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