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This Is What I Did On Valentine’s Day 2019

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  The day where many couples everywhere buy flowers, eat some chocolate, kiss each other, and have a wonderful night out.  As for me, I did not have a significant other.  In fact, in my 32 years on Earth I have NEVER dated anyone.  I went to my senior prom all alone, and really did not like it.  And since graduating from high school, I have not dated anyone.  Yep, the single life has been an interesting one.

So on Valentine’s Day, I did some things differently.  For dinner, I cooked my own steak and baked potatoes.  Everything tasted very good!

For dessert, I got this mini chocolate cake.  Since chocolate is popular on Valentine’s Day, I enjoyed every bite!

Speaking of chocolate, I got plenty of discounted Valentine’s Day candy to enjoy!

I also got a plant for my house, since flowers are king on Valentine’s Day.  I got a Guiana Chestnut, otherwise known as a money tree.

I also had a few fake animals, including a penguin and an Amazon shipping dog.  I wish I could have a real pet!

I also had a few custom road signs made for me!

I also got to spend some time with my classic 4-way Eagle traffic light.  This has been my best love for a long time now!

I am also watching a few Netflix movies, including Bird Box.  I cheered when everyone killed themselves!  Dang it, I wish a movie would end in a horrible way where everyone dies!  I hate it when heroes win!

And there you have it, my 2019 Valentine’s Day timeline.  I guess Valentine’s Day in 2020 will be very similar!

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