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The Evening Post: The Decline Of Chuck E. Cheese’s…What Happened?

Chuck E. Cheese’s has filed for bankruptcy, a headline some never wanted to see.  But let’s be honest here, if you don’t have any kids, why go there?  This video From the […]

Foodie Saturdays: Guess Which Pizza Is A Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Challenge

Everyone is still talking about that Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza conspiracy theory.  So, could you spot the pizza from Chuck E. Cheese’s in a lineup of pizza’s from three national chains?  The […]

Foodie Saturdays: The Dumb Shane Dawson Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Conspiracy Theory

A few days ago, a YouTuber named Shane Dawson made a video where he claimed that the pizza / party chain Chuck E. Cheese’s takes uneaten pizza slices and puts them together as a […]

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