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My Lottery Banned In Alabama Halloween Costume For 2018

Three states around Alabama have a lottery, and soon Mississippi will have a lottery too.  That means soon every state surrounding Alabama will have a lottery.  Alabama loses millions of dollars per year to neighboring states because we don’t have a lottery.  And the legislators clowns in Montgomery I guess continue to get bribes from churches, businesses groups, and out-of-state firms to not approve a lottery so we can vote on it.

So for 2018, because of the recent super high Mega Millions and Power Ball jackpots, I am going as a Mega Millions lottery ticket, with a message in the middle.  I began by buying some cheap foam cardboard, and drawing some random lottery numbers on it.

I used the computer to print-off the Mega Millions logo.

Then the message which reads: Warning: Alabama Believes Playing A Lottery Is A Sin And Is Immoral.  I used a computer to print-off the sign then hot glue to stick onto the sign.

And there you have it, my 2018 Halloween costume!

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  1. I concur. Those clowns would rather raise our taxes than give us the opportunity to vote on a lottery!!! It’s a sin, but what about alcohol and tobacco sales? It’s all about control, they tell us what to do with our hard earned money!!!