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Interstate 20 Alabama Updates

On my way back from Fiesta Birmingham I took some pictures of the latest happenings on that lovely accident prone Interstate we like to call I-20.  First off; I-20 is being repaved from   exit 135 Old Leeds Rd. to exit 140 the U.S. 78 Leeds exit.  You would think this would be a good thing but I have seen and heard complaints about the poor job the construction workers are doing.  One person has told me the pavement is not compacted down enough  and pieces of the asphalt are flying up in the air.  Someone else told me the workers are still working even during rush hour.  And during the work only one lane is open so this would create huge traffic backups!  I also noticed the pavement is not evenly smoothed out in stretches   This means when you switch lanes you will feel a bump.  This is all another crazy production from ALDOT.

Then I went through the western part of St. Clair County where work is still going on to 6-lane I-20.  This stretch during the road work has been prone to numerous wrecks.  And I have to wonder something here.  The bridges over Cook Springs Rd. and the nearby creek looks like they are done.  So why does the interstate traffic still have to shift over to the far right?  These lane shifts are dangerous and they need to be taken out!

The next stretch widening I-20 from Silver Run Rd. to exit 185 AL-21 in Calhoun County is progressing along.  The worst part of this road work is when I-20 east splits into two different lanes in a contraflow.  In the pictures below you see where an accident happened.  Several accidents have occurred in this stretch and I hope these bridge builder guys hurries up and finishes this work.

And the last part is the I-20 widening in Cleburne County.  Sure not much is currently going on but those rumble strips are annoying.  If you stay in the right lane through this road work you get to hear that great sound warning you that you are about to run off the road.  One would have thought they would have taken out these rumble strips before they shifted the lanes.  Watch the video below.  And yes; Geek Alabama loves to talk about the poor job ALDOT does to Alabama’s infrastructure.

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