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The Evening Post: Weather Anchor As A Mythical Unicorn

Some of those people in the TV news business will do some weird things on Halloween.  And this weather anchor from Global Calgary did something weird.  Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel dressed […]

My Lottery Banned In Alabama Halloween Costume For 2018

Three states around Alabama have a lottery, and soon Mississippi will have a lottery too.  That means soon every state surrounding Alabama will have a lottery.  Alabama loses millions of dollars per […]

My Anti BreitBart Liberal Snowflake Halloween Costume

So for the first time in a long time, I decided to dress in a Halloween costume.  And since I get harassed on social media quite a bit because of my views, […]

See Siberian Huskies Wearing Some Funny Halloween Costumes

So the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has made this a yearly tradition by getting their Siberian huskies Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis to wear Halloween costumes.  This year, you get to […]

See What Happens When A Siberian Husky Freezes In A Halloween Costume 2015

The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has uploaded what their Siberian Huskies will wear for Halloween in 2015!  And just in case you were wondering, yes Shelby is still frozen when a […]

See Alabama’s Most Popular Halloween Candy And Costume For 2015

Halloween is coming up, and do you want to know what Alabama’s most popular Halloween candy and Halloween costume is for 2015?  First off, the candy!   Influenster conducted a survey to determine […]

This Is What Happens When A Siberian Husky Wears A Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!  To get things started, I am sharing a video from the YouTube channel  Gone to the Snow Dogs where they had their Siberian Huskies; Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis try on dog […]

10 Safety Tips For A Safe Halloween Night

Halloween 2013 is just around the corner.  And many kids are just daydreaming about the candy they will get when they go trick-or-treating on Thursday night.   So before you send your kids […]

Caine’s Global Cardboard Challenge / Hub Network’s Share to Scare

This post is going to feature two different initiatives that I think you will like.  Maybe you will want to take part in these special programs. Caine’s Global Cardboard Challenge This Saturday, […]

Enter Your Costume In The 1st Annual Hub Network Halloween Bash

Geek Alabama keeps growing everyone, and now The Hub Network has noticed the Geek Alabama blog and has sent me a e-mail about this great contest that is open to anyone!  If […]

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