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Foodie Saturdays: How NECCO Wafers And Sweethearts Are Made

If you loved those NECCO wafers and those candy hearts you get during Valentine’s Day.  Did you know the company that makes them almost went out of business?  Yep, the New England Confectionery Company which is over 170 years old was very close to shutting down the doors.  The CEO had placed a May deadline to find a buyer or layoff most of the workers.  But, a saver came forward, almost.  Spangler Candy Company, which makes the Dum Dum lollipops, purchased the assets of NECCO for $18.83 million.  But, the transaction never closed.  So, the assets went to the second place bidder, Round Hill Investments, which has helped to turn around Pabst Blue Ribbon, Chef Boyardee, Ghirardelli, and Hostess Brands.

So now the company will be called Sweetheart Candy Co.  And I hope the updated company will continue to make those candy hearts and wafers for decades to come!  On this Foodie Saturdays post, let’s present a few videos showing you the behind the scenes of making these products!


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