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Make A Mini Golf Hole With Polymer Clay


Over the Memorial Day weekend, I let my creativity shine, and I took some modeling clay and made a mini golf hole with tubes and putting greens.  Crazy?  Nope, to get started I got some Sculpey polymer clay, I had plenty of polymer clay in my closet all wrapped up and waiting to be used.  So I grabbed the Sculpey III Crafter’s Variety Pack, you can get this at any superstore like Wal-Mart or a crafting store like Hobby Lobby.

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Next, I took some polymer clay and rolled it around in my hands to warm it up.  Then I smoothed the clay out and flattened it.  I also took the green polymer clay, smoothed it out, and laid it on top of the first polymer clay.  As you can see, I put in a hump and used a small stick to make the golf hole.

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Then I used some more polymer clay and used a straw to roll the clay around to form a tube with a hole in the middle so the ball can go down the hole.  I made three tubes.  I made three putting greens with different polymer clay colors.  I also used polymer clay to make bumpers at the end.  To make the bumpers, take polymer clay and roll it out into a small snake like shape.  Then use your hands to push the two polymer clay’s together.  Don’t forget to make some small golf balls out of polymer clay as well, and I put in some humps on the first green for a challenge!  Then bake the polymer clay in a 275 degree oven for around 10-15 minutes.  Let cool!

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Here comes the fun part!  Use small craft sticks and cut various sizes to slope the tubes facing down so the ball will go down.  Then cut more sticks so the three putting greens are placed in different heights with the golf hole on the bottom.  I glued everything together with a hot glue gun.  And used some extra modeling clay to connect any holes between the putting greens and the tubes.  After everything is put together, you get something like this!

stuff 011

This could be something any child can do this Summer.  Let kids have some fun with some polymer clay, just make sure the adults bake the clay!  And everyone washes their hands after handing with polymer clay!

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