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See The Kinder Surprise Eggs That Are Banned In The United States

Those Kinder Surprise Eggs are a staple in Europe and especially in Italy.  Since one of my relatives is Italian, they brought back some Kinder Surprise Eggs back from their latest Italy trip!   Italian company Ferrero makes these things, and they are sold in most countries around the world.  One of the exceptions, the United States.  Yep, the United States has the Kinder Surprise Eggs banned for decades now.  They are illegal to bring into the United States, and for the few people who have been caught bringing them in, even just one egg, they have been faced with big fines.  But, my relatives were able to bring some into the United States, and they were not caught.

Each box has 3 eggs.  As you can see, the box was promoting Despicable Me 3, the movie that was out over the summer.  You can tell the Italian spelling for the movie is a little different.

Yes, the entire box was in Italian.  I opened the box, and you see the three eggs wrapped individually.  Once you take the wrapper off, you see a chocolate egg.


The chocolate egg is very thin.  Once you open it, you see a yellow container.

Inside each yellow container, there’s a different special toy.  The three toys I got were; one was a little green alien and on the bottom was three different colored pencils, where you can draw on paper.  The second toy was a stamp, where you can open it, and stamp on paper.  The third toy, was a little Minion.  Yep, promoting that movie.

Overall, I enjoyed the chocolate eggs, and the little toys inside them.  I mean, how can a kid choke on something this big?  Yeah, I know the Kinder Joy Eggs are now being sold in the United States.  But why can’t us adults, enjoy something the rest of the world enjoys now.  I thought the Kinder Surprise Eggs are pretty cool.

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