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See Pictures And A Video From Dinosaur Journeys In Oxford, Alabama

Here in Oxford, Alabama.  A special attraction is currently open, and if you’re looking to do something with your kids and family during the Christmas break, head to this place.  Inside the Quintard Mall, a special exhibit called Dinosaur Journeys is currently open.  This exhibit is located inside the old Sears building.  Now, what you are going to see his plenty of animated dinosaurs.  That’s right, these are puppet dinosaurs that move around and act like they did thousands of years ago.

After you pay the eight dollar admission, you can watch a dinosaur related show about fossils.  Then, tour the exhibit as you see a wide variety of moving dinosaurs.  And these moving dinosaurs are wicked cool.  Their heads and tails, and sometimes their feet, move.  You will see baby dinosaurs popping out of eggs.  Kids can see a dinosaur fossil and move a dinosaur robot.  You will see a pretend dead dinosaur being eaten.  And of course, you will see a giant T-rex moving and you will think it’s looking at you, and wanting to eat you.

There is also a gift shop, if you need any last-minute Christmas gifts.  The city of Oxford brought this exhibit to the mall as a way to bring more people to the mall and spend money.  As the Anniston/Oxford area badly needs something for families to enjoy, this is a great first step in bringing in exhibits, so people can find something to do.  I thought the exhibit really well done.  It’s a little pricey.  But I think it’s worth your money and time to go see it.

Dinosaur Journeys will run through the end of January 2018.  They are open every day of the week, if you want to learn more about the exhibit, go to:  http://www.oxforddinos.com/

Enjoy some pictures and a video from this exhibit below!

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