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Check Out This Italian Human Powered Small Theme Park


In Italy, you can find all sorts of interesting things, including this!  About an hour north of Venice, Italy, you will find the small amusement park called Ai Pioppi.  This place is part restaurant, featuring Italian fare.  The other part is this hand built and human powered amusement park, which is completely free!  The YouTube channel Tom Scott traveled to Ai Pioppi, and had a blast!  You see the park has slides, rides, and the terrifying wheel of death!  And yes, I would love to visit this place!

A man named Bruno has spent over 40 years hand building this small theme park.  He started out with simple playground equipment for the kids, but it has turned into one giant attraction!  Here are two more videos documenting how Bruno has turned Ai Pioppi into a great small theme park!  The videos are in Italian, but the first video has English subtitles.

Learn more about Ai Pioppi at:

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