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My Spring Trip To The Gulf Coast And To Atlanta

During the Spring, one of my online friends who is from Canada came down to Alabama to visit me.  So, while he was down here, we went to some cool things!  On the first day, he stayed in town. I took him to where the Freedom Riders Park will be built.

And I took him to first Waffle House, then Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack and then breakfast at Jack’s, it was all good!


But on the second day, we went down to the beach and back.  We went down the Alabama and NW Florida beaches on a cloudy and rainy day.  We first saw the new I-65 / I-22 interchange.

We first got to the beach and I had to convince my friend to dip his feet in the Gulf of Mexico.  You drove all the way down to the beach, you must see and experience the Gulf!

And enjoy a video of those angry waves!

Then we went into Florida where he got a picture in front of the welcome sign, saw Pensacola, and drove on a Florida Interstate.

Then we went to the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier.  The waves were rippin and the Pelicans wanted some attention!

Then we went to the famous Lambert’s Cafe where they throw rolls at you!  We enjoyed that!

On day three, we first had pizza at Mata’s Greek Pizza and Grinders.

We then went to Atlanta.  We first stopped at the Welcome Center where they were advertising Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

We took pictures at the famous Atlanta overlook Jackson Street Bridge.

We had lunch at The Varsity, a Atlanta institution.

We drove around some Atlanta Interstates including that I-85 bridge collapse.

Then we went to SunTrust Park to see a Atlanta Braves game.  Going in was fine and the park was beautiful.  But getting out was horrible with bad traffic!

Overall he, enjoyed his trip down here!

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