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Video And Photos From The US Senate Candidate Doug Jones Visit In Anniston

Today, a candidate for the US Senate in Alabama visited Anniston.  While riding the wave of big wins for Democrats today in Virginia and New Jersey, Doug Jones is now hoping that same blue wave will sweep into Alabama and help him win over Roy Moore on December 12th.  My biggest worry currently in Washington is the potential major cuts to programs like food stamps/SNAP and Social Security Disability proposed in Donald Trump’s budget. 

When his budget director says that some beneficiaries are not actually disabled, and are therefore scamming the government out of money that could be spent elsewhere.  And when the budget director also says he hoped people’s benefits gets cut by a lot and they should be forced to go back to work, even though they are disabled, this disturbs me.  I mean, I have a disability and if my lifeline’s gets cut dramatically, what I am going to do?  This is a BIG reason why I support Doug Jones for US Senate!

Today Doug Jones gave a great speech at Classic TOO in downtown.  I hope he has a great showing on December 12th!  Here are some pictures and video of the speech Doug Jones gave today!  Learn more at:

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