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My Summer Road Trip To Toronto Canada

Over the Summer in July, I took my first vacation in OVER 10 years, yes 10 years.  One of my online friends lives in the Toronto metro, and since he came down during the Spring, I went up during the Summer.  It was a break from the very hot and humid weather we have in Alabama during the Summer, and it was my first time entering another country.  I rented a car for a week, and I drove up.

I arrived at the Canadian border at about 2 am and I was the only one there.  The border guard was kind of tough on me, I was expecting that.  I was allowed into Canada and got to my hotel room at about 4:30 am.  On the first day, we went and walked around the downtown Toronto area.  We walked around the Eaton Centre, explored the Toronto PATH system, saw Yonge-Dundas Square, saw the Air Canada Centre, and more!   Here are some pictures!

On day 2, we experienced the joys of driving on Ontario’s 401 freeway.  We stopped at a rural exit to take pictures of Lake Ontario.

We then got to see the CN Tower!  Now, I was up there in July, and there was a wait of a few hours to go up!  We purchased the Premier tickets, which allows you to skip the line and go up immediately.  There are two levels of the CN Tower.  The LookOut Level has the Outdoor Sky Terrace which has windows all around to see the Toronto skyline.  This level has the glass floor where you can look all the way down, many liked this.  There is also a 360 restaurant.  We also went up even further to the SkyPod.  Almost to the very top you step out of the elevator and to one of the highest observation platforms in the world.  We are almost 1,500 feet up, and because of the cool July day, it felt great up there!  The views were amazing too!

After the CN tower, we visited the Roundhouse park.  This park has a lot of classic locomotives and trains!  It also has a miniature train you can ride and also has the Toronto Railway Museum.  This park was a former Canadian Pacific Railway railyard, and I just fell in love here!  This area also has Steam Whistle Brewing, I’ll visit this place next time!

The we went inside the Rogers Center which is a skydome.  The Toronto Blue Jays were playing the Oakland A’s.  The roof was closed because of weather and the fans were nice.  The game ended in wonderful fashion with a bottom of the ninth home run to win the game!

After the game, of course I got some cool Toronto nighttime shots including Union Station!

The next day we visited the Hockey Hall of Fame.  This place has plenty of stuff from all facets of pro hockey!  It was cool to see all of the trophies awarded each season inside a former bank.  And the kids loved the interactive things inside the facility!

The, we explored the old and new Toronto city halls.  Yes, I got a picture in front of the Toronto sign.

We took the Go Trains, which I was jammed in going back home.  And the Toronto Transit Commission subways.  They were mostly very busy, and the streetcars were jammed with many people, it really did suck!

Canada’s money was interesting to use!

And here is a few pictures of the downtown Brampton, Ontario area.

I also got a chance to record a rare advanced green traffic light.  Watch the video below to see what I mean!

And I also got a chance to sample the food!  Click the link to view my thoughts about it and watch my poutine video below!

Then, I went over to Ludington, Michigan to visit some relatives.  The town is home to the SS Badger car ferry that crosses Lake Michigan!

Overall, I enjoyed my trip!

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