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Why The Almost Upset Of Auburn Is Still Huge For Jacksonville State


Man, last Saturday the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks football team also pulled off a major upset!  The JSU team went into Jordan Hare Stadium and dominated the Auburn Tigers.  JSU almost upseted Auburn, and Auburn just got lucky to win in overtime.  Even though JSU did not win, the school has benefited in everyone talking about the school.  According to the Anniston Star, the school has received about $4 million in advertising value just because the football team almost upset Auburn.  Also, the school was trending on Twitter and saw a huge increase of web traffic on their website.  This is what happens when your football team had Auburn on the ropes.

I mean, you can’t buy the media attention Jacksonville State University got last weekend!  And I hope the school is turning the media attention into something good, not only for athletics, but for academics as well.  As for the football team, they are now ranked number one in the country in the FCS poll.  And Jacksonville State has their first home game against Tennessee State this Saturday at 1 pm in Jacksonville.  The team is wanting to sellout the 24,000-seat Burgess-Snow Field which has never happened before.  I think this first home game will be packed!

Now, I think the football team will win the Ohio Valley Conference, and will go deep in the FCS playoffs, and could easily be in the FCS National Championship Game.  Now, what could happen to Coach John Grass after the season is over is the interesting question.  Every Division One NCAA Football school now knows about JSU.  And some will fire their coaches at the end of the season, could one of the schools talk to John Grass and lure him away from JSU?  I hope this does not happen again to JSU, as Bill Clark left the school only two years ago.  JSU does not need to become a revolving door school for coaches, if JSU needs to raise the salary to keep John Grass, do it!

As for some lawmakers who are wanting to ban schools from not playing before 12 noon.  Come on, the schools have no control over what times the game starts, it’s up to TV.  And games start at 12 pm Eastern, or 11 am Central.  If you don’t want Alabama or Auburn to start before 12 noon, schedule better teams!  As for Jacksonville State, I hope this almost upset leads to more students considering the school, and the football team doing great this season!  Jacksonville State has a new president, and a rockin’ football team, no time is better than being a Gamecock!

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