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Music Thursdays: The Warning / Louisville Leopard Percussionists

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

On this Music Thursdays, let’s talk about two bands compromised of kids!  The first band is called The Warning.  This band features three teenage girls and they rock!  Here is one of their songs called “Enter Sandman.”

And here is another rocking song called “Back In Black.”

The girls have a rocking YouTube channel at The Warning where they have plenty more music videos!  And they have a website too at:  There you can have a chance to download their first digital ep off of iTunes.  The girls are also running a GoFundMe to have the funds to have a musical education and get their VISA’s!  Donate to them at:

There is another band I wanted to talk about called the Louisville Leopard Percussionists.  This is a non-profit organization offering extracurricular music opportunities to local children at little or no cost.  The group has a YouTube channel at LouLeopPerc and they have posted some viral videos featuring the kids.  Here is one video called “Crazy Train.”

Here is another video called “Hey Pocky A-Way”, these kids are very talented!

You should check out their website, and maybe even donate to them so they can keep the music playing at:

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