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Music Thursdays: Music Videos From Kylie Rae Harris

Just terrible news.  Country music star Kylie Rae Harris passed away from a car accident in New Mexico.  She was a rising star in the country music world and many are going […]

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Music Thursdays: David Bowie Blackstar / Lazarus

Yeah, it’s been a sad week since David Bowie passed away.  To honor what he has done, I wanted to post his two latest videos!  The music videos are for the songs […]

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Music Thursdays: The Warning / Louisville Leopard Percussionists

On this Music Thursdays, let’s talk about two bands compromised of kids!  The first band is called The Warning.  This band features three teenage girls and they rock!  Here is one of […]

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Music Thursdays: Shelby Lynne I Can’t Imagine / Róisín O If You Got Love

This week on Music Thursdays on a Friday, let’s talk about two brand new music videos!  The first music video from Shelby Lynne is called “I Can’t Imagine.”  The music video features her […]

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Music Thursdays: Hozier / To Be Alone, Sedated, From Eden

As you know, I am a big fan of the musician named Hozier.  Since his song “Take Me To Church” took off, people are discovering more of his music.  Now, I have […]

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Music Thursdays: Ryan Kinder / Mali Music

This week on Music Thursdays, I am talking about two different artists from Alabama and Georgia that both have different genres of music, but are great to listen too! Ryan Kinder Ryan […]

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Music Thursdays: My Top 12 Spooky Halloween Songs

What do you know, today is Halloween!  And I know many people are going to be looking for some Halloween themed songs to play today and tonight while the kids are trick-or-treating. […]

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