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Music Thursdays: Kelli’s Acoustic Crossroads

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Geek Alabama has wanted to talk about this show that premiered on TV 24.  Kelli’s Acoustic Crossroads is about showcasing the talent in east and northeast Alabama.  On each episode, the show brings in a local musician and will tell you more about them.  You also get to hear the musicians perform and find out where you can hear them live.  The show also has a segment called the “homegrown clip of the week.”  These are videos that are sent in from viewers who prefer to perform in a more intimate setting, but still enjoy sharing their talent.  You also get to hear Kelli Johnson perform as well!


Here’s the first episode of the series featuring guest Albert Simpson.

Episodes air on TV 24 every Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8 pm.  Episodes also airs on WMJN TV 29 out of Huntsville.  Kelli’s Acoustic Crossroads is always looking for local musicians and sponsors for the show.  To learn more go to:

If you don’t live in Alabama, you don’t have to miss Kelli’s Acoustic Crossroads.  All episodes are put on YouTube after airing.  To watch all episodes of Kelli’s Acoustic Crossroads go to:

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