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Why The Game Of Thrones Rape Scene Is Not A Very Big Deal


UPDATE: This article will feature some adult things recently seen on the HBO program Game of Thrones.

Last week on Game of Thrones, we got to see a rape.  And that rape on TV has made several people not too happy with HBO.  Some people took to social media to say they are boycotting and never watching the show again.  And even some websites who covers geek/nerd culture, like Geek Alabama, have written that they are boycotting the show.  So, what do I think about the rape on Game of Thrones?  Here’s my thought, it’s HBO!  Come on, what do you expect on HBO, programs teaching you the ABC’s?  Or are you expecting things you don’t see on broadcast or on cable, this is what you see on HBO!

HBO is premium cable, and they can do pretty much anything they want.  I mean, HBO even airs programs about sex during late night.  Now, if you were upset about that Game of Thrones rape, you should be upset with what HBO airs on late night.  On Game of Thrones, you don’t just see sexual intercourse and that rape.  You also see plenty of nudity front and back, violent deaths, beheadings, cuss words, and other things you don’t see on cable or broadcast TV.  You don’t tune into HBO to see a safe show, you are paying them to see some hardcore TV; that is what Game of Thrones is all about.

I mean, all of this is also in the books.  So, if you read the books Game of Thrones is based on, you know that stuff like a rape was going to happen.  Before some of you go on to say that I support other people being raped because I don’t see an issue with the rape on Game of Thrones.  Yes, being raped against your will is very wrong.  Each year, people are forced against their will to have sexual intercourse.  It’s wrong!  We do have some people out there in our world that are messed up in their heads, and only care about “reproducing.”  What I hate the most is hearing of a child who was raped against his or her will.  I wish the adults who do something like this would be castrated.  But that won’t happen anytime soon in America.

Game of Thrones is a show based on FAKE events.  Stuff like people being killed, hangings, beheadings, nudity, and forced sexual intercourse is things you saw during Medieval times, which the show’s time period is based off of.  To get favors from people in higher power, you often saw those with less power do some uncomfortable things, even doing sexual intercourse.  Of course, some people did not have a choice, and they were raped.  The time period featured some wacky and weird things for people to get by.  If you don’t want to understand what happened during Medieval times, then quit watching Game of Thrones.

But, if you want the true experience of Medieval times, including the things that might make some people uncomfortable, then Game of Thrones is for you!  This show is not based on real events!  Now, if we saw a forced sexual intercourse on live TV, then that might be a whole different story.  HBO can pretty do whatever they want, including all the nudity, violence, and sex they want to do.  If you don’t support this, stick to those family channels that teach you about sharing or friendship.  The rape on Game of Thrones will not stop me from watching the rest of this season.  It’s just a TV show!

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