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My Thoughts On The Sam Pepper Harassment Controversy


YouTube and Vimeo are great places to host your videos, and 99% of videos are funny, cute, and great to watch.  I have a YouTube and Vimeo account and I often post videos and comment on other channels.  Now, one of the most popular people on YouTube is in very hot water, I mean the water is hot enough that the Devil can stand it.  The YouTube channel Sam, and Sam Pepper, decided to do something not good, and  harass other women.

Sam Pepper is facing rape allegations after he took an anonymous 20-year-old Toronto woman and forced himself on her in April 2013.  Think that could be the worse?  Sam recently posted a prank video where he is groping and pinching women on the street.   He claimed the women were in on the social experiment where he asks them for directions and then feels them up with his hands hidden beneath a large sweatshirt.  Of course, the women featured in this video have accused Pepper of inappropriate touching or interactions. He was also accused of soliciting nude photos from an underage girl.

That video has been taken off of YouTube, and Sam has deleted most of his social media accounts.  But his Twitter is still up, but not updated since September 23rd.  After the allegations have come out, just about everyone on YouTube, and other social media sites have come out against Sam Pepper, and since I am one of those people popular on YouTube and social media, I am going out against Sam Pepper!  The YouTube channel lacigreen talks about this situation, in great details!

And the YouTube channel PBS Idea Channel also talks about this in great detail as well.

Here is the bottom line!  Anyone who violates another women or man for that matter, is a sicko!  Some women have been violated in their lives, and some keep it secret, and stay hurting inside.  In fact, the number of sexual harassment cases is on the rise.  Some women are touched inappropriately, or said some bad words, or even have been raped.  Anyone who makes videos or other forms of online media where they do a “social experiment” on women which involves sexual harassment should be banned from YouTube and social media forever!

YouTube and social media are places people go to learn about the news and weather, see those funny pictures, see what their friends are doing, and see some cool and awesome things.  You don’t go to YouTube and social media to see others being abused or harassed.  As of now, companies have fired Sam Green, he has been banned from conventions like VidCon, and his social media and YouTube subscriber counts are dropping like a rock.  If I was YouTube, I would delete his account and ban him forever.

Let’s just say this, you should always treat each other with respect.  Sam Pepper posted videos of women without asking their permission, while grouping their private areas.  Sam has been violating women and making them uncomfortable on the street for YouTube views, and it needs to stop!  No one should never harass or treat another person the same way you would treat your mother.  Sexual assault and being abused is no laughing matter, and I wonder if we will hear more allegations about Sam Pepper, and will it be enough to put him in jail?

If I could speak to Sam Pepper, I would say this.  You have a problem, you don’t know how to treat other women with respect, I would consider checking into a rehab facility and getting some help, because you are sick, and you need help before you go to jail.  And jail is not a fun, fancy place, my friend.

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