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Celebrate George Takei’s Birthday By Watching His New Reality Series It Takeis Two


On April 20th, George Takei turned 78!  And George is doing a lot of great projects, including his legacy project involving his musical called Allegiance: A New Musical.  It has 29 days left and has raised around $340,000.  Go pledge to his project at:

And now George Takei is starting another project called It Takeis Two.  This series is a reality like webseries involving George Takei and his husband Brad Takei navigating their daily lives, from the internet and Broadway to jetpacks and human hamster balls. With a recipe that is one part optimism and one part pragmatism, this dynamic duo overcomes life’s obstacles, reminding us that any great enterprise Takeis Two.  I really like the cartoon intro!

The first two episodes are now out, and each episode is only around 3-4 minutes long, so you should check it out!  The first episode called Seriously: Part 1 involves Brad Takei discovering a mean meme of himself on husband George Takei’s Facebook page and launches a mission to take it down and take on the internet.

The second episode called Seriously: Part 2 has Brad visiting Google Headquarters and searching for the head of the company to have him take the meme down. But the intelligence Brad encounters surprises him with its response.

Enjoy both episodes, and subscribe to the George Takei & Allegiance YouTube channel at:

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