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See A Report About Why The New Musical Allegiance Is Important For Broadway

Tonight, a new musical play will open on Broadway in New York City.  The musical is called “Allegiance,” and it recounts a family’s struggle to endure the Japanese-American internment in the 1940’s. […]

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Celebrate George Takei’s Birthday By Watching His New Reality Series It Takeis Two

On April 20th, George Takei turned 78!  And George is doing a lot of great projects, including his legacy project involving his musical called Allegiance: A New Musical.  It has 29 days left […]

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My Thoughts On The 2015 State Of The State Address / Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Strikedown

So, Tuesday night was crazy across Alabama.  First, we got to see Governor Bentley deliver the State of the State Address.  And, well let’s talk about that first.  Come on governor, do […]

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The Incredibles 2 Will Be Made / Smarter Every Day Patreon Contest

On this post, I am going to fill all of your heads with a bunch of geeky and nerdy information.  And this news has a lot of us in the geek/nerd world […]

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King of the Nerds Season 2 Premieres Tonight

Last year, a new show called King of the Nerds premiered on TBS.  The show featured 11 contestants who lived together in “Nerdvana” and competed in challenges until one was crowned the winner. […]

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TV Review: Fangasm on Syfy Channel

Have you checked out this new reality TV series on Syfy Channel called Fangasm?  If not, you should give this show a try!  Fangasm premiered a few weeks ago and the show […]

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TV Review: King Of The Nerds

Sadly, geeks and nerds have been placed into the rear-end of society ever since time began.   Many of us hated school and we dreaded being picked last or being rejected for […]

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