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Foodie Saturdays: Whataburger’s The Rookie And The Regular

I love Whataburger!  We have several here in Central Alabama and when I go to the Birmingham Metro, I always visit a Whataburger, please come to East Alabama!  Whataburger has started a […]

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Celebrate George Takei’s Birthday By Watching His New Reality Series It Takeis Two

On April 20th, George Takei turned 78!  And George is doing a lot of great projects, including his legacy project involving his musical called Allegiance: A New Musical.  It has 29 days left […]

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Animation Monday: Bee And PuppyCat

Last week, the YouTube channel CartoonHangover premiered the first new season episodes of the cartoon Bee and Puppycat.  And yep, they were really good!  The first two episodes were about cooking, and almost getting […]

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