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Here Is What I Would Put On The Mt. Rushmore Of Alabama


So AL.com is doing a series where they are asking people about who they would put if Alabama had a Mt. Rushmore like in South Dakota.  So, if Alabama was going to have something like Mt. Rushmore carved into Mt. Cheaha for example, who would be on it?  For starters, you would not see any politicians or war heroes like from the Civil War on it.  I have thought about this, and I have chosen these four people to be carved into the side of Mt. Cheaha and celebrated with all Alabamians.  Sure, this will never happen, but this for fun!

Helen Keller


Helen Keller was born in Alabama, but she was no average person in Alabama.  She changed the course of history for all people who were blind.  She was a major advocate for people who were deaf and blind.  And she was a major advocate for all people with disabilities.  Even though she was left leaning in her political views, which some people here in Alabama might think is not good.  She needs to be included on this mountain!

Paul Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant

I mean, when AL.com puts out a list on people who you can vote from, the most votes will go to Paul Bear Bryant.  And it’s no surprise!  Paul changed the course of college sports and college football forever and he helped to make college sports as big as it’s today.  Paul also was a game changer recruiting African-American athletes during the racial tensions in Alabama.  He should be included on this mountain.

George Washington Carver


Even though George Washington Carver was not born in Alabama, he came to Alabama to teach at Tuskegee College and changed history forever!  He discovered new farming techniques including crop rotation so crops can grow better and we can get more food.  He also discovered new ways to use peanuts, including medicine, rubbing oil, and peanut butter.  He changed farming forever and should be included on this mountain.

James Spann


Sure, this is a offball pick.  But come on, James Spann has become the most popular meteorologist not only in Alabama , but the United States as well.  He changed the way anyone uses social media to get important news and warnings that you need.  And, he has saved countless lives including on the April 27th tornado outbreak.  He is also leading the way for meteorologists and news people to present news and information in new ways like podcasts and social media.  He should be included on this mountain!

So, there are my four picks!  If you want to learn more, you can read the original AL.com article by clicking here:  http://www.al.com/living/index.ssf/2015/04/who_should_be_on_the_mount_rus

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