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The Evening Post: Why The Iron Bowl Means So Much To Alabamians

Tomorrow is the big Iron Bowl game, and many from Alabama including myself will be watching the game.  But, why does the Iron Bowl mean so much to those living in Alabama?  […]

See What It’s Like In The State Of Alabama After Both Alabama And Auburn Loses

Last weekend, both the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers lost their football games.  And this has many people across this state in a down and sour mood.  So, leave it […]

Here Is What I Would Put On The Mt. Rushmore Of Alabama

So AL.com is doing a series where they are asking people about who they would put if Alabama had a Mt. Rushmore like in South Dakota.  So, if Alabama was going to […]

Ray Watts Has Been Caught With His Pants Down, Now He Needs To Go

So, the truth has finally been revealed in the UAB football saga.  And most of us were correct!  There was something fishy about the UAB football team being cut, and after what […]

Good News Fridays: My Picks For The AL.com Alabama Food Product Bracket Challenge

So AL.com has started a new thing for March Madness.  Instead of doing basketball teams, people can vote for their favorite Alabama made food product.  The bracket  features 32 food and beverage […]

An Update On Nathan Young’s Social Security Disability Process

Last September, I wrote how my process was going in the Social Security Disability process.  And I thought it was time to do another update, because I got this in the mail […]

The State Of Alabama Will Soon Offer Special ID Cards For Autistic Drivers

UPDATE: From another AL.com article, here is what the card will look like. The card reads: “I have been medically diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. My medical condition impairs my ability to […]

Sunday Discussion: Why I Can Change Alabama In 2015

Before I get started, I need all of you to do a big favor for me!  AL.com put out a story highlighting people they think will change Alabama in 2015.  And they […]

Nathan Young’s Timeline In The Social Security Disability Process

This post is in conduction with the AL.com series where they talk about people who are on Social Security Disability.  In their reporting, they profiled people in Gadsden/Anniston, which has some of […]

Sunday Discussion: Nathan Young’s Draw My Life Video

To start off this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to feature my Draw My Life video I made.  It’s was very difficult to make this because I had to tape my camera to […]

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