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Alabama Meteorologist James Spann Publishes Children’s Book

Post by Dennis Washington from Alabama NewsCenter After more than 40 years of speaking to elementary school kids about weather, James Spann knows what they want to know about. “I’m in 1-2 schools a […]

The Evening Post: All You Can Do Is Pray – April 27, 2011 Ten Years Later

If you have not seen this yet, this is a great watch.  James Spann from ABC 33/40 takes a look back at the generational tornado outbreak in Alabama ten years ago. A total […]

Watch James Spann’s Weather School For Kids: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, And Winter Storms

If you have kids at home, and looking for something for them to learn stuff, this series of educational videos from ABC 33/40 meteorologist James Spann has been awesome!  Below, you and […]

The Evening Post: James Spann’s Weather School For Kids

Today, meteorologist James Spann held a special live stream weather program for kids.  This is an online lesson on meteorology, geared primarily for those in grades 1-5, but older kids and adults […]

Weathering Life: The Autobiography Of James Spann

Post by Carla Davis from Alabama NewsCenter As a youngster living in rural south Alabama, James Spann was fascinated by summertime thunderstorms and what lay behind them. “Almost every summer afternoon, we would get […]

Find Out Which Five Barbecue Joints James Spann Loves the Most

As what James Spann says in the video below, everyone has their own favorite BBQ joints.  This Is Alabama had James Spann tell everyone his five favorite barbecue joints in the state […]

Get Your Weather Radio Programmed With James Spann In Jacksonville

One year ago today, an EF3 tornado went through Jacksonville and Jacksonville State University.  A lot of damage happened but thankfully no one was killed.  As you should know by now, you […]

Good News Fridays: Meet Alabama’s Favorite Weathermen

In Alabama, we have some of the most diverse weather in the world.  So that means meteorologists are very popular here!  And two meteorologists have garnered worldwide attention.  From This Is Alabama, […]

Watch James Spann Read Some Mean Tweets After The Alabama Snowless Event

Today in Alabama, hardly any snow happened.  The most some people got was a small dusting, and here where I live in Anniston, we got no snow!  Many schools and businesses were […]

Lost On Alabama’s Roads, You Need To Call OnSpann

Did you get lost on some back road in Alabama?  Do you need directions to somewhere in Alabama?  Do you even need help after your car broke down?  Well, you need to […]

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