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Roadscapes Wednesday: Why This British Crossroads Is So Dangerous

Ipley Cross, in the middle of the New Forest, is one of the most dangerous road junctions in Britain. Why?  YouTuber Tom Scott explains why this intersection in the United Kingdom is […]

Explore The Country Where All Public Transit Is Free

I admit it, mass transit in Alabama and the south overall kind of sucks.  But, this is not the case everywhere around the world.  In Europe for example, mass transit is massive […]

Explore A Part Of Louisiana’s Coast That Isn’t Sinking

Believe it or not, a part of the Louisiana coast is actually gaining land, and not sinking.  When the levees were built to divert water on the Mississippi River, parts of the […]

The Evening Post: The World’s First Solar Powered Train

Yes, solar power can now run a train.  Tom Scott takes us to Australia and The Byron Bay Railroad Company, which now runs the world’s first 100% solar-powered train.  It wouldn’t work […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: What Counts As The Steepest Street In The World

Yes, there are some streets around our planet that are extremely steep!  Tom Scott shows us the street that holds a Guinness World Record for the steepest street in the world.  Baldwin […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The One-Lane Bridge Shared By Cars And Trains

So this is very weird.  In New Zealand, there is a one lane bridge shared by both cars and trains.  There are no warning lights for cars to warn of a train […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Peachtree City – The City Of Golf Carts

On this week’s Roadscapes, let’s go to Peachtree City, Georgia, and discover their amazing network of paved paths that are used by people driving golf carts.  Tom Scott met up with the mayor, […]

See How The 1990’s VHS Look Works On Videos

The latest trend in videos is to make them look like something that came from the 1980’s or 1990’s, or a VHS look.  Remember those VHS tapes?  Anyways, the YouTube channel Tom Scott […]

Why We Should Let Some Wildfires Just Burn Away

One thing I don’t get is why some people decide to build homes in wildfire areas, and expect to be protected.  Wildfires have been happening for thousands of years across the Western […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The New Highway To The Arctic Ocean

For the people who live way up in the Northwest Territories in Canada, the only ways in and out were by air, sea, or ice roads during the Winter.  But now, Canada […]

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