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Why I Hate Crossword Puzzles

There is one activity that I absolutely hate!  And that is doing a crossword puzzle.  I just do not get doing them.  I know some experts out there say doing activities such as crossword puzzles or Sudoku are good for your brain.  The experts say doing activities like puzzles help your brain stay sharp and lessens the risk of Alzheimer’s.  But if someone puts a crossword puzzle in front of me I simply will not do it.

An example of a British-style crossword puzzle.

Those types of puzzles like the one above is something I do not get.  The clues they give you to help fill out the crossword are pointless.  I mean why do I need to know some character on a TV show or some clue like you would see on Jeopardy!  Whenever I watch that show; I can not see how those contestants can answer all those questions.  That is amazing to me.  And whenever I try to play along; I get about 95% of the answers wrong or just don’t know the answer.  In fact I really love when someone does something crazy on Jeopardy!

Another reason why I hate crossword puzzles has to do with school.  Whenever a teacher decided to give us a crossword puzzle filled with words that are forward, diagonal, and backwards I looked puzzled.  I would rather draw a road than do a crossword puzzle that was just pointless to me.  And whenever a teacher decided to give us a crossword puzzle for homework.  I faked doing it or just never did it at all.  In fact I would lean over to another student to see where the words were at because I thought crossword puzzles were crazy.  I would rather go into my own zone and draw roads than doing a stupid puzzle.

And every once in a while; a teacher would give us a puzzle to do as a pop quiz or a test.  Well on those times I just flunked.  Like I say; if a teacher is just giving us busy work let me just draw my roads.  I feel like doing artwork was a better use of my time than doing a crossword puzzle.  And that are some of the reasons why I hate doing crossword puzzles.  Just keep them away from me; okay.

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