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My New Policy For The Trolls And Bashers On My Social Media Feeds


Well, I am now fed up about it!  It seems like every time I post something on one of my social media feeds, someone has to comment and bash me for something.  And I am getting tired of it!  The trolls and bashers on social media and on the internet is one reason I had to moderate all comments here on Geek Alabama.  When you leave a comment, it does not go live until I have read it and have replied.  And if the comment is too negative and bashes me or this site, I delete the comment, end of story!

So, to combat against those who leave bad things about me on social media, I have begun a new policy.  And it’s basically one strike and you are out.  If anyone leaves a distasteful and bad comment about me on social media, I will do this.  One, I will delete the comment.  Two, I will block that person on that social media website.  And three, I might even report that person to the social media site that comment was left on.  The problem is really bad on Facebook, so I will probably have a cleaner house over there!  And this new policy will apply to all the social media channels I am on.

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Trolls and haters being online sucks the positive right out of you!  And I have had enough!  Starting now, trash me online, and I won’t have to worry about you on social media ever again, because you will be blocked, end of story!


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