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View This Skeleton Video Now About Why Love Has No Labels


This should be required viewing for all people in Alabama and across the country.  The Ad Council made a video where two people stand behind a x-ray type wall.  The people on the other side can only see the skeletons from the people behind the wall.  But, when the people come out from behind the wall, the crows is surprised.  They see people who are in a same-sex relationship, people who are in an interracial relationship, people who love each other even with a disability, people who love each other even in an older age, people who love each other even if their religion is different, and more!

The message of the video is “Love Has No Labels.”  And judging by the comments left on the YouTube video, we have a long way to go before people get over their hate.  I hope you take time to watch and enjoy the video!

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