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Here Are Five Tips For Taking An Internet Break


So, where was I at yesterday?  I stayed clear of the blog and online for a day, and nothing was posted on Geek Alabama and my social media accounts.  Yep, I took a short computer and internet break.  What is an internet break you ask?  It’s when you unplug and enjoy other things, like reading, being outside, going on vacation, working on another project, doing a hobby, etc.  It’s when you take a step back and let your body and mind reset, that is an internet break!

Let’s talk about an internet break in a different term.  Imagine doing the same thing over and over again.  Soon, it gets your body and mind too bored, and you start wondering off in your mind and your work suffers.  In our online and social media world, every day we have to be online for work, read stories, watch videos, check e-mails, play games if you are bored, and more.  But if you go onto your computer and look at a screen every day, soon you are going to get tired of it!  This is why I devote a couple of days each month for a digital free day.  It could be me covering an event all day with my camera equipment, driving around and enjoying the scenery, or just enjoying a hobby I like to do, a digital free day is good for everybody!

So, you are wanting to take a short break from being in front of the computer?  Great!  That’s the first step of your internet break!  I am going to show you a couple of things you can do so you can get your things done online, automatically schedule your online updates, and enjoy a day being not in front of the computer!

1. Get Buffer

Buffer is an app that automatically sends out social media updates to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media accounts.  Spend an hour or two the night before you take an internet break and schedule your social media updates ahead of time, and go and enjoy your day!

2. Shut off your phone

I mean, turn off your smartphone and put it away!  Phones today are filled with apps to keep your connected to the internet and social media.  So if you are taking an internet break and have your smartphone with you, how long until you check your Facebook updates?

3. Take some friends with you

If you take an internet break by yourself, it probably will not be long until you are checking your computer once again.  By taking along some family or friends, you will have an actual conversation with another person, and enjoy being together, without being attached to a digital device.

4. Place I’m away e-mail alerts

Before you take an internet break, go to your e-mail and place an I’m away message.  That way if anyone e-mails you while you are taking an internet break, they will know you will be away, and you will respond within a couple of days!

5. Have an emergency e-mail/phone

Does your job require you to have a way to be notified if something happens?  I would set up a separate e-mail account, or have a cheap mobile phone, that is for emergencies only!  Tell the people you know that you can only be contacted if an emergency happens!  If they abuse the privilege, block them!

The reason why I take short one day internet breaks instead of 30 day long internet breaks is simple, stuff happens!  You never know if there is breaking news, severe weather coming, family problems, work emergencies, or other bad things.  By taking one day breaks, if something bad happens that requires your attention, you are not more than 24 hours from be notified if you are taking an internet break.  Today, I believe taking 30 day long internet/digital breaks is not a good thing.  So, are there any more tips for taking an internet break, leave a comment below!

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