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Watch The PBS Newshour Piece About The Talladega College Amistad Murals


Last night, the PBS Newshour featured a story about a special group of paintings depicting the events when 53 African slaves took over a Spanish slave ship, or what would be called the Amistad.  Talladega College, which is a historically black college, commissioned artist Hale Woodruff to create a series of paintings telling the story of the Amistad in 1938.

Now, one century later, the paintings are a part of a traveling exhibition organized by the High Museum in Atlanta which showcases the Talladega College murals.  The murals are now on display at the Smithsonian.  And will be touring the country over the next few years before coming back home to Talladega College.  In the video below, you can see the beautiful paintings and hear more about these historic paintings, enjoy!

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