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Learn About The History Of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

Remember the classic PBS game show Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?  In this episode of DefunctTV, Kevin explores the history of the Carmen Sandiego franchise, specifically the hit PBS game […]

Good News Fridays: Celebrating Mister Rogers Google Doodle

This was just amazing to watch today!  Google Doodles released a stop-motion animated video celebrating Fred Rogers and his show Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  On this date, September 21, 1967, 51 years ago, Fred […]

Watch The Trailer To Won’t You Be My Neighbor And Watch The Mister Rogers Neighborhood Twitch Marathon

We all grew up watching Fred Rogers, I know I did.  Now, a new movie coming out this Summer will take a large look at everyone’s favorite neighbor!  The movie titled “Won’t […]

Watch The Movie Featuring The Gip’s Place 2013 Attempted Shutdown

A few years ago, a popular juke joint called Gip’s Place in Bessemer, Alabama was shutdown by the Bessemer Police.  Gip’s Place is an world famous local blues joint that has operated since 1952.  Gip […]

It’s Okay To Be Smart Talks About The Real Physics of Hot Air Balloons

This week on the YouTube channel It’s Okay To Be Smart, Joe talks about why hot air balloons rise and fall in the sky.  This is an correction from an earlier video.  If […]

See A Report About Why The New Musical Allegiance Is Important For Broadway

Tonight, a new musical play will open on Broadway in New York City.  The musical is called “Allegiance,” and it recounts a family’s struggle to endure the Japanese-American internment in the 1940’s. […]

The Alabama Public Television Censoring World Channel Situation

Welcome to the wonderful and weird state of Alabama, where TV stations love to “censor” certain programs.  For example, one TV station in the past has censored certain comedy programs because they […]

Why Sesame Street Going To HBO Is A Very Big Deal For PBS And Public Broadcasting

This episode of Sesame Street is now brought to you by the letters H, B, O, and $.  Yep, Sesame Street is taking their new episodes from PBS to HBO starting this […]

TV Review: Uranium: Twisting The Dragon’s Tail

Over the past two nights, a wonderful mini-series aired on PBS.  The series is called Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail.  The series is hosted of Derek Muller, a YouTube personality.  And […]

Veritasium Shows You How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

The YouTube channel Veritasium and Derek Muller has a new TV show on PBS called  Uranium Twisting the Dragon’s Tail.  Episode one was great and episode two will air on Wednesday night at 9 […]

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