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Smarter Every Day Is About To Go To Space


Who knew, a red laser can turn off a street light during dusk?  Yes, the Alabama based YouTube channel  SmarterEveryDay is about to go to space!  Destin Sandlin will be doing a series of videos about space, and everything you need to know about what’s up there.  Destin will be hanging out with astronauts, going to the places with things from space and things that have been in space, and showing you how the equipment in space works, plus much more!

So for the next few months, there will be a regular Smarter Every Day video, and a special space Smarter Every Day video!  If you love everything about space, be sure you subscribe to the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel.  Here is Destin talking about this new series!  Support Smarter Every Day on Pateron at:

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