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Science Mondays: How Sonar Works (Submarine Shadow Zone)

Welcome to Science Mondays.  Each Monday, Geek Alabama will feature a video or article about the world of Science.  Our goal is to feature science topics and make you smarter, and in […]

Science Mondays: How To Harvest Pecans In Slow Motion

Pecans are very popular in Alabama and across the south.  Many enjoy a wide varieties of pecan dishes, but do you know how pecans are harvested off the trees?  Destin from Smarter […]

Science Mondays: Trying To Catch A 1,000 MPH Baseball – Smarter Every Day

Can you actually use a supersonic baseball cannon?  Destin from Smarter Every Day does just that!  Watch below as he uses the cannon to shoot out baseballs so fast it destroys baseball […]

Science Mondays: How To Make Pizza On A Submarine

Yep, you must keep everyone in the US Military fed well so they can perform at their best.  And that includes being in a nuclear submarine.  Destin from Smarter Every Day shows […]

Watch Smarter Every Day Show You Which Weed Eater Line Shape Cuts The Best

If you use a weed eater, which weed eater line should you use?  Destin from Smarter Every Day answers this question by testing several different lines to determine which line is the […]

Watch Smarter Every Day Use The Mad Batter Machine To Create The World’s Longest Home Run

Yes, you can use some engineering to create the world’s longest home run ever!  Destin from Smarter Every Day got help to create the mad batter machine.  Yes, it spins two bats […]

Watch Smarter Every Day Go Supersonic With The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

Could you fly in a jet with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and experience the G-forces the jet pilots experience when they fly?  Destin from Smarter Every Day got to fly with […]

Watch Smarter Every Day Explain The Flocking Behavior Of Birds (Boids Algorithm)

In the latest episode of Smarter Every Day, you get to learn a lot about birds!  Ever notice how birds like to be together in groups while in trees or while flying?  […]

See What Smarter Every Day Is Doing To Help North Alabama Hospitals

Man, there is an amazing project going on in Huntsville.  Destin from Smarter Every Day is part of a group of people making, assembling, sanitizing, and sending face masks to hospital workers […]

Help Smarter Every Day Make 3D Printed Face Masks For Medical Professionals

As you know, the Coronavirus pandemic is hitting many hard, including medical professionals.  Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day is wanting people across the Tennessee Valley and Alabama to use their 3D […]

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